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Gaseq version 0.79 runs on my Windows 95 and XP machines and is probably ok with all 32bit versions of Windows.

Gaseq is so old I no longer have the software for the installation program. So please accept my apolgies for the messy installation procedure that follows.

Download (1.70MB) and run Setup.exe from within Winzip or after otherwise extracting the files. You may get an error message about difficulty registering a file SHFOLDER.DLL. Ignore the error message; the operation of the program does not seem to be affected. The file is used only in setting the initial default local path to My Documents, or similar.

The gaseq.exe file provided by the installer should be replaced by this updated version: Gaseq.exe. This prevents a "Run-time error '13'" when Shock Problem Type is selected and also corrects a bug which gives erroneous results when C(S) is used.

Version 0.79 now can handle 80 species in the reactants,and products or other mixture. Mathew Dunn found an error reported when the previous limit of 40 was exceeded. (Of course a properly written program would have no restrictions, but I don't want to take the risk of a large change like this.) Version 0.79 also corrects a bug found by Frederik Norman which can give incorrect results when the decimal point being used is ',' rather than '.' A bug, found by Bobby Sethi, which caused errors on entering polynomial coefficients has also been corrected.

To upgrade from earlier versions, you can just replace gaseq.exe and eq32070.dll with gaseq.exe and eq032079.dll in this zip file(122K).

Version 0.78 corrects a mistake in the Equilibrium Constant option (thanks to Antonios J. Mountouris) and improves the New Species entry for fuels. It also corrects a bug leading to Runtime Error 13 on species entry which seems to have been introduced in a recent version.

Version 0.77 was modified so that it will work with a non-English locale (well, German anyway; thanks for the help of Clemens Brinkmeier.) A small extension to the .eq file format allows adiabatic compression/expansion to be used in blind mode (running from the command line without a graphical user interface).

Version 0.76 had minor changes to .eq file format and screen display (now including tooltips). The handling of multiple pages has been improved, but is still not as it should be. This will have to wait to a later version.

A mistake was introduced somewhere between versions 0.71 and 0.75 which meant that Compression/Expansion was always done with frozen chemistry, even when the checkbox was unchecked. This was corrected in 0.76

There have been a few instances at or after installation where Gaseq fails to start or otherwise misbehaves in a serious way. The problem may persist even after reinstallation. The cause seems to be a corruption of the Gaseq Registry entry. It can be cured by editing the Registry using REGEDIT (you need to take care with this). Navigate to:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Gaseq
and delete the whole of this key. It will be reformed when Gaseq is run.

if you need help.
Of course I am interested in suggestions for improvements.

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