I regret that Gaseq is no longer being maintained. It was originally written in Visual Basic 3 on Windows 3.1 and there have been about 6 versions of Windows since. So currently the help file does not work (but see below) and there are some other malfunctions that sometimes show themselves. The program really needs to be rewritten in a modern language that can be maintained, but I am unlikely to do this. Quite a large number of people still use Gaseq and you may find that it will still do what you need, but I probably can't help if it doesn't.

If you do choose to use Gaseq, be sure to replace the gaseq.exe file provided by the installer with an updated version, as described on the Downloads page.

Jörg Scheuerlein has pointed out that Microsoft now provide a download for recent Windows versions that allows the Help file in Gaseq to work again. Use Internet Explorer (preferably) to open and follow the instructions.

A Chemical Equilibrium Program for Windows

An easy way to do combustion equilibrium calculations, such as:

Gaseq was written as a Microsoft Windows program with an easy interface:


Several different types of problem can be solved:

You can:

Gaseq is intended primarily for gas phase calculations, although there is a limited facility for condensed phases such as soot.. Use another program if you are interested in metallurgy or aquatic chemistry, etc.

You can download this version of Gaseq for your personal use. It is intended as research tool and the responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of any results lies with you.